So much talk about Bing, but not much on their Local Listing Center.  It’s much like Google Local Business Center, but a few key differences:

  • Way less volume: Like organic results, we get about 1 click from Bing local results for every 20 Google local results.
  • Not as sophisticated: You have to wait for the postcard to get the PIN– they don’t offer the option to call your phone.  You can’t bulk submit listings, which is a bummer if you have many locations– hire an intern.  You have 45 days to put that PIN in before they cancel the listing. The help section has only 5 articles.
  • You can say less about yourself: You can post up to 10 pictures, but there’s no space for videos, services offered, and other fields.
  • But you can game it easier: You can list your business name with your keywords.  So instead of Colorado Skincare, you could say “Denver Liposuction Center“.  If you try this on Google, they will flag and disapprove you.
  • It’s still Live Search: Even some of the urls still say Live (they haven’t switched them all over.  The Bing branding is just that– not a significant change to functionality, at least from the local side of things.

What’s been your experience with Bing Local Listing Center?