This Facebook personalized ad nearly made me fall out of my chair

I look at ads all day– it’s part of my job. I even go out of my way to click on ads to see what competitors are doing.  So rarely am I surprised. But today I saw this:

Yes, it’s an ad not promoting Content Factory, but actually targeting Content Factory.  How’s that for a taste of your own medicine?

Shari Donnermeyer of Borrell contacted us yesterday about their local conference in NYC in February, asking if we want to come, as well as sponsor.  Previously, I was not considering going, since we just got back from the Kelsey conference in LA last week, which is the larger of the two shows.  However, now I’m seriously considering it.

After all, I had mentioned in passing to Shari that I was getting bombarded on Facebook with ads promoting their conference– and that they were using the same creative over and over without testing various images, headlines, and such.  And now, this is what I see on my Facebook the very next morning– I’m impressed.

Tell me– how do you NOT want to go to their conference after seeing something like this?

This is an example of the kind of personalized advertising that is available only on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.  It’s hyper-targeted, cheap, and effective.  How’s that?

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