3 Facebook ads on the homepage

Is this just me or are you also seeing 3 ads on the Facebook homepage? This reminds me of the days when Yahoo! and Google would insert more ads on pages to increase revenue.  Could imagine what Facebook would look like if they inserted ads all over– leaderboards on the top and bottom, and regular ads on the side?  Then they’d collect a 30% fee on payments, plus sell you virtual gifts. Could be a money-making machine, especially if they help advertisers properly capitalize on social targeting options, enhanced by all the new data being made available via the Open Graph and the global like.

Are you scared, excited, disgusted, or indifferent? Seems silly to be spending so many dollars sending traffic to Facebook’s own page– yet there’s no denying the traffic and ROI that stems from doing that, versus sending to your own page.  But if someday your Facebook business page or applications are taken over with ads, then your investment may be less attractive– whether you’re Zynga or not.

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