If you’re reading this, you’re a digital guru among your friends– called on for all manner of tech support issues. They expect magic– and for free.

So don’t help them if:
– You believe that doing so will lead to introductions to some powerful person. This white lie rarely produces anything.
You expect anything in return. They are now your worst client– freetard, to be more exact, since they’re not paying. Yet they expect immediate service at the highest urgency.
– There are sweet whispers of making money later. They’re not paying, so they’re never going to treat this with the care as if they were.

But do help your friend out if:
– You truly care for them and want to see them succeed, independent of any business arrangement.
– You believe in karma, whether or not it will come back to you any time soon.
– You believe in their cause.

If you agree to help, make sure you both have clear expectations of what you’ll do and when. The worst thing that could happen is them paying you a nominal fee, then believing that gives them priority access to your time.

Best thing is to give some helpful tips at no cost, then putting the ball in their court to take some action. Better to teach them how to fish than make them lazy and demanding.

What can you do for them that makes maximum impact for them, but costing little of your time? Do that.

Don’t expect them to understand you are running a business and have normal expenses. They are freetards. Treat them with love.

How about you? Any reasons I’ve missed here or any horror stories to share?