A lot of folks have been complaining about reduced newsfeed reach, Magic potions won’t save them.

Guy Kawasaki tests the impact of 3 posts simultaneously– text, link post, and embedded link.

Notice that the reach is still better on the text-only post, by 64%.
But what really counts is engagement, which is still highest on the link post.
He’s getting twice as many interactions on the link post.

Why? The larger image is more inviting.
And the text-only post, while getting 64% more reach, is half as big.

Where reach actually comes into play is that he’s getting 11,000 reach on his fan base of 236,000, so he’s at under 5%. That means 95% of fans aren’t seeing any one of his posts, on average.

So stop worrying about your newsfeed reach and look at what drives engagement.