A sneaky way to get 1,000+ likes on your articles

An article I wrote on Influencive got 1,600 shares:

The “sneaky” trick is that I boosted this post from my public figure page on Facebook, spending $42.25:

As you can see, Facebook said I got only 64 likes.

But when I look at the post itself, I see 1,400 likes:

And rarely do I get more than a couple hundred likes on my posts.
So is this a bug or perhaps fake likes?

No, it’s the product of Facebook “throwing fuel on the fire”.
The post itself organically got 100 likes by itself.
And when I boosted it to the right audience, the extra reach caused the algorithm to extend my organic reach.

And so the secondary effect is more engagement, counted organically– not as part of the $42.24 I spent to get a couple thousand impressions.

If you’re interested in the mechanical details of the newsfeed algorithm or what is counted as organic versus paid, study up here, as well as in this article.

Suffice to say that when you boost posts, watch for the spillover effect into organic.
You just might have found a gold nugget, but accidentally thrown it away.

And if you share a link on Facebook, the likes on that post count towards the shares count on the article page.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now learn how to boost posts on Facebook to not only drive traffic but increase perceived authority to people who visit your articles.

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