Some random guy hit me up for free consulting, so I stopped what I was doing and gave him 5 minutes of help on the spot.

But then he kept asking more and more questions.

Eventually, I gave him a magic phrase taught to me by a mentor– ‘You know I do this for a living, right?”

I suggested that he book a consulting slot with me, so we could properly spend time on his issue.

Then he got super offended.

He said he could get free help elsewhere.

Ironically, if you were to ask him if he gave away his products and services, you know how he’d respond.

If you’re a knowledge worker— consultant, agency, or freelancer– don’t feel you are obligated to give away your time for free.

Your best customers are the ones who highly value their own time. Which means they will value yours.

Put your knowledge out there for free in the form of posts, articles, videos, webinars, and books.

But charge appropriately for your time, which doesn’t scale.

And don’t be ashamed to ask for money– any more than a doctor doesn’t give out free surgery and architects won’t design your house for free.

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