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Want to know a secret about managing an agency, especially with enterprise clients?

At best, only 15% of your time is in building campaigns or driving ROI.

So what’s the other 85%– a bureaucratic waste?

No, it’s:

– Training up team members.

– Following up when others drop the ball.

– Processing payroll, paying bills, messing with tools.

– Running marketing and sales campaigns– to field new clients.

– Philanthropic activities- to give back in the way you decide.

– Travel (I’m at the gate in Calgary right now, about to board).

– Building processes and systems,

– Learning via reading, watching videos, and listening to podcasts.

I don’t believe anyone should be working more than 1/3rd of the time since they need 1/3rd of their time to learn and 1/3rd to teach (document process and train your team).

You do the math— what happens if you’re working 75% of the time?

That’s only 25% for learning and building your team.

I’ll bet the reason you aren’t growing, ironically, is that you’re hustling so hard that you can’t delegate to a team or spend the time to improve your knowledge.

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