I’m thinking of raising our starting pay to $15/hour for young adults.

Right now, new specialists start at $10/hour at Level 1, which is demonstrating basic communication skills while learning to do Facebook ads.

Level 2 is $15/hour to follow our ads creation process.

Level 3 is $20/hour to optimize campaigns.

Level 4 is $25/hour as a team lead, coaching others.

Level 5 is $30/hour as a manager with hire/fire authority.

And so forth.

What would be the impact of having our starting pay be $15/hour?

Perhaps we’d get more applicants, but our hire rate would be lower and the qualifying process harder. Maybe we’d have to raise prices a bit since we already intentionally operate at just above break-even.

Maybe we’d deny a lot of young adults who would like to learn digital marketing and are willing to work/learn but aren’t economically viable to start at $15/hour. Or perhaps we’d see a shift in our workers away from major urban areas.

So instead of Silicon Valley (California), we’d get more Silicon Slopes (Utah) and the Midwest.

What would you do?

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