Want to build an amazing passive income stream by selling online courses?

So do I.

Yet, I know that before we can sell a ton of online courses, we must have solidly implemented the steps ourselves, paving the way for others.

And then teach small groups, workshop style (like you see in the picture below) so they can follow these same steps successfully.

And only then can you release this as an online course– no matter how good you are at selling something you’ve never actually done before.

I believe that you must be a successful consultant who has implemented something many times before you can credibly sell a course.

There are a lot of people making money by selling fluff– a course that isn’t based on their own direct, repeatable experience. But just because others are doing this and making money, doesn’t mean you should.

If you’re around for the long run, instead of milking the moment and fleecing people who don’t know better.

These people keep launching new stuff every 3 months because everything they put out there keeps dying.

Decide what you stand for– in your heart– and seek to help others achieve that.  Don’t worry about how you’ll do it– you’ll figure that out along the way, as you draw in like-minded people to help you.

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