Perhaps the most common thing I hear about Facebook marketing is “IT DIDN’T WORK.”

Facebook won’t work for B2B.
I tried boosting a post once and it didn’t generate sales.
<< insert the most common thing you hear >>

And in the thousands of businesses we’ve audited since 2007, the source of the problem is a strategic failure. No funnel, no list development, no content marketing, no process to generate and amplify word of mouth.

Just sales material they’re pushing out there, assuming cold audiences will just buy on the spot– like a classified ad or 95 characters of AdWords copy.


If I’m Facebook, my challenge is how to help businesses be more engaging– to care about their customers as humans, to demonstrate etiquette against the perceived faceless masses, and to deliver stuff that people actually enjoy (while building credibility for your company).

I went to the gym for the first time in a long time, as I’m pretty chubby. After the workout, I didn’t expect to drop 50 pounds overnight. I expect to put in effort over months as part of a permanent lifestyle change.

“IT DIDN’T WORK,” I could have claimed– but we all know it’s our issue to put in the effort, instead of making Facebook, Google, Infusionsoft, the web, or whoever, the scapegoat.

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