Don’t Fall For This Scam

I got hit up by someone who is eagerly offering to get me featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and other places. Plus help me get blue check marks on Facebook and Twitter.

I looked him up and he doesn’t have a blue check mark, nor is he published on the “top publications” he claims.

I asked him if he had done any research before trying to sell me, since I’ve been on all these “top publications”, plus ones that are actually hard to get into (Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, NPR, etc).

It’s super easy to get into Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, HuffPo, and such. These are from 3rd party contributors on posts that get no traffic unless you boost them.

Don’t PAY for media exposure, no matter how good the pitch sounds or who the “influencer” is.

You can pay for editing your videos, organizing your articles, and building your business.

You can pay for ads– to boost your posts.

But don’t pay for someone who will “do everything for you”– you just write them a check.

Unless you believe you can pay someone to lose weight for you, go on a date for you, speak at a conference for you, and go to heaven for you.

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