Maintain a photo album

If you’re an author, speaker, coach, founder, entrepreneur, or public figure of any sort, you must maintain a primary photo album of your speaking and networking pictures.

These galleries generate the highest authority and engagement for your personal brand at the lowest cost, especially if you boost to audiences of the conferences you’ve spoken at.

When people click into a gallery, you’ll get many other clicks (and often likes), which is why your interactions can be greater than reach sometimes).

And this generates stories, which drive further organic engagement.

Make sure to add descriptions to all photos.

Don’t attempt to sell here– whether promoting your products or services or including links. You’ll get killed algorithmically, and it just makes sense to educate for mid-funnel behavior.

Follow Logan Young here as an example of what anyone can practically accomplish– no matter how “busy” you are, if you don’t have money, or whatever other real or perceived barrier.

If you believe you have a message worth sharing, then you ought to at least be doing this on a public figure page (not a user profile).

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