Inflation sucks!

I’ve preached $1 a day for years now– but sometimes you need to spend $2 or $3 a day for your boosted posts.


Because Facebook will penalize you if you have audiences that are too small– to jack up your CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) to even $50 or $60, even if you have a super high engagement rate and Relevance Score.

So when you boost, look at their suggestion. They may recommend you spend $2 per day or even $3 per day.

Their recommendation seems to be based on machine learning, which looks at how your past boosts have been done to estimate reach.

Notice also, among their suggested options, that sometimes spending more doesn’t increase the estimated reach (lower or higher boundary) significantly– even if you have a large audience (so no frequency issue).

And sometimes when you heed their advice (like the $3 a day for 3 days– $9 total), their system will then recommend you extend the boost to 7 days.

So in this case, I’m spending $9 over 7 days!

Bottom line– you should probably be spending $2 a day on boosted posts to test, which will give you more than twice the reach of $1 a day boosting.

The algo will have more data to learn, too.

But I do like the ring of “dollar a day“– $2 a day just doesn’t sound as good!

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