Once, I did almost NOTHING for two weeks.

If you’re not feeling as motivated as you think you’re supposed to be.

Or as accomplished as the other people posting their impressive goals.

Take heart.

It’s steady progress over time that counts.

Forward motion, even if just a few inches.

What’s the shame in taking a few days off?

Does every day have to be picture-perfect?

You’re right where you need to be.

Like a planted seed that will bear fruit at the right time.

You don’t need to yank up the plant by the roots each day or triple the amount of water you provide.

Or to mix analogies, 9 women in a month can’t make one baby.

Just be who you are.

And let what’s natural inside you take place with perfect timing.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks walking in the park, playing Pokémon Go, making endless batches of popcorn, and buying silly things on Amazon Prime.

I’ve not made much of a dent in the 500 emails I get per day or made some ambitious resolutions.

While most people are hustling, I’m enjoying life with friends.

And you should, too, without guilt or shame.

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