I did 80 hours of work in 30 minutes.

In December 2018, I looked back at the most popular posts from my page and I extended the boosts on them.

So instead of having to come up with new stuff to say every single day, I rely upon my greatest hits to continue producing results.

Here is a one-minute video I made at the end of 2017 at Bondi Beach in Australia.

It got 38,000 views at $0.004 per view— about half a penny.

So I edited the post from saying “in 2018” to “in 2019”, and the message is still as relevant.

Then I boosted it again for a few more months- or more accurately, some of our trained specialists are identifying which posts to adjust and boost, following their training.

What would have taken me 80 hours to write 100 posts and boost them, now is only 30 minutes for me.

I’ll bet this strategy works for you, too.

If you understand how to make content evergreen, how to use your profile and public figure page together, how to cross-post to LinkedIn, how to use the “dollar a day” method, and how to train others to do this for you.

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