My heart stopped just for a second.

Logan Young’s death was ruled an accident, not homicide, according to police.

My heart stopped just for a second to see this just now while scanning through Twitter mentions.

Of course, I quickly realized it was another Logan Young, among the dozens out there.

Do you Google yourself or Google your friends, whether for business or just for fun?

There’s a lot of crazy stuff out there…

You could have:
* a porn star with your same name (good luck trying to outrank that one).
* haters that want to destroy you (actually, they just want your money).
* wackos that stalk you (they want intros to celebrities you know).
* people you’ve never met, sharing how their lives were changed because of something you taught.

I’m not as big as Larry Kim or Mari Smith, but I still get hundreds of mentions and notifications each day– more than I could possibly look at, much less even respond to.

Some of these are potential customers urgently wanting to give us money, conference organizers that want us to speak, universities that want to run their young adults through our programs, and so forth.

So many business opportunities, but how to respond?

Here’s a hack that I’ll share with you.

Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines to work full-time for you, starting at $500 a month.

They’re loyal, smart, and work hard.

We have an army of them that take care of our top people and clients– monitoring, responding, and doing admin stuff that frees up our time.

They are invaluable to our operations– not because they’re “cheap”, but because they are loyal. If you can get someone in the United States to work for you for a year in that role, consider yourself lucky.

Learn from people like John Jonas and Jeff J Hunter on how to unlock the world of Filipino VAs– to free yourself from the mundane tasks and grow your business!

Make a list of things you do that are repetitive– imagine what your life would be like not having to worry about that anymore!

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