There is always enough time to get what you want done.

Because if it’s important enough, you’ll make the time.

Saying you’re “busy” really just means you aren’t managing your priorities.

Logan and I were up at 4:45 am yesterday to go on a sunset canoe ride, after going to bed after 1 am.

We didn’t want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Amazon.

But we also had some business promises to keep and a promise to work out when on the road. So sometimes sleep suffers, though not ideal.

If anyone ever tells you they were too “busy”, it really means tour request is not a priority to them.

Even if you don’t have enough time yourself, you can delegate it to others.

I delegate out housekeeping services, grocery shopping, driving cars (I Uber everywhere), and anything that doesn’t personally require me to do, so I can have more time.

Have you noticed that the people who make the most excuses get the least done?

That’s because of the time they could have spent doing it, they chose to instead spend complaining.

Worry not about looking good, but about achieving your goals.

Time is your weapon. Use it to your advantage by practicing #DDD— Do, Delegate, or Delete.

Handle everything just once via #DDD, so you increase your processing speed.

I have over 700 emails per day coming at me. Yet for the last month, I’ve been traveling, speaking, and vacationing in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, the Philippines, and many other places.

I didn’t claim I was “busy”.

Instead, I delegated more than I usually do. And that’s possible because we have an awesome, growing team.

I said no to more things than usual, giving what we call a “polite decline” to meeting requests and various business opportunities.

You cannot “do” more— don’t fall for the lie. You have only so much time and energy.

Practice #DDD to clear your plate, largely by delegating and deleting, so the few things you choose to do REALLY count.

Say NO unless it’s a “heck yes” option that’s so good, it makes you excited.

Maybe means NO, and no more FOMO for you or me!

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