Want a simple way to tell who is running a successful agency versus pretending?

Anyone who is only talking about how to acquire customers doesn’t understand that it’s 10 times harder to KEEP customers.

Selling is easy– to get someone to trust you for a couple of months– but keeping clients requires that you deliver results, which requires rock-solid processes.

If you don’t hear about their challenges in optimizing accounts, preparing reports, and dealing with the ugliness that is a normal part of operations, odds are that they don’t have the experience.

While some people may be able to make “6 figures” in their first few days of starting their agency, the reality among agency owners like me and the many that I know is that it takes at least 5 years.

Listen not to their boasting of how many figures they’re making– instead pay attention to whether they are following a process for qualifying, onboarding, building, and optimizing.

Because if they don’t have that, they’re operating by the seat of their pants and hoping you don’t know enough to call them out on it.

Ask them how long they’ve been in business.

If you’re a client, demand to see their processes. In the same way, just because someone puts on a white lab coat doesn’t make them a doctor.

Would you trust someone who claims to be an experienced mechanic, but has baby-soft hands?

You may see a lot of our amazing young adults doing incredible things. While they work hard and are intelligent, look beyond that to see there is a process in place– like bumper bowling where it’s impossible to throw a gutter ball.

They’re part of a team with senior people mentoring them and safeguards in place to protect the client.

I predict that the fad of “19-year-old internet entrepreneur” will go away in a few years, in the same way, that it suddenly rocketed in popularity a few years ago.

When an industry matures, hype gives way to published processes and certifications– just like you see in medical, automotive, legal, and other skilled professions.

Yes, their techniques for acquiring customers with zero money do work. Go ahead and buy their course if that’s what you want.

But if you want to be in business a year from now, get the expertise to run ads, set up plumbing, manage clients, and drive profit first– before you start pitching yourself to clients.

I’m interested in making a “6 figure” impact– not in dollars, but in lives that we change.

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