This looks like a TERRIBLE ad performance.

$200 to reach only 3,000 people– which should typically cost $30.

And we got only 20 webinar registrations, which is a $10 CPL on a FREE webinar where we’re not selling anything.

So zero ROI there, too.

But in the last two weeks, we’ve done several deals at $20K a month– deals that came because people have seen consistent, quality sharing over the last few years.

And only now did they finally decide it was time to reach out and hire us.

Facebook ads are about WHO, but not WHEN.
Google ads are about WHEN, but you don’t know WHO.

So your strategy should be to continue to seed your target audience with what you know– not selling– then harvest the ROI via the emails you collect and incremental Google searches you drive.

Once you realize that– and know how to track it– your Facebook ads become quite profitable.

Are you planting seeds for the long-term harvest or are you going to Whole Foods expecting to eat your fruit right now?

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