High Engagement

73 people reached, but 74 engagements– how is this possible?

Look closely and you’ll see 25+ photos in this post.

When you post an album, people who click on one of the photos will typically continue to click on 5-6 more photos in that album.

So while technically this is a 100% engagement rate, Facebook’s algorithm knows this behavior.

It’s not going to count like 100 likes– more like 3-4 of them.

And there are only a few likes on this post, meaning we had people who were curious to look, but not motivated enough to say something that their friends could see.

Key learnings:

+ Don’t be fooled by “high engagement”.
+ Value all engagement, but especially comments and shares.
+ If it’s working well organically, boost it– and even cross-post to LinkedIn and your blog for more algo love.

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