It’s taken me 30 years to build a $237 million dollar capital portfolio.

Relationship capital, that is– the goodwill of people earned over time, which is more valuable than money in the bank.

I’ve asked the most successful people in the world what they would choose:

A) Keep all your money, but lose your relationship.
B) Keep all your relationships, but lose all your money.

Know what 100% of them chose?

Option B, of course, since with these connections, they can quickly rebuild to where they were before.

Amateurs focus on deals, while pros focus on relationships.

If you hear people talk about “hustle” and acquisition, run– they will use you and are short-term oriented.

The reason wealthy people talk about helping others is NOT that:

+ They have so much money, they can be philanthropic.
+ Making donations is a great tax shelter and makes up for the dirty things they did to get rich.
+ Wealthy people don’t need money, so they now want to be famous.

It’s because they had that mindset of helping others ALL ALONG.

Naveen Jain told me that the way to make a billion dollars is to create $10 billion of value for others.

And so you’ll find that the most successful people have global visions that create the best while finding an economic vehicle (a for-profit company) to accomplish their goals.

Like-minded, mission-driven people attract one another, while “the garbage takes itself out” (my favorite quote of the last month).

Have you defined your WHY, so that you can then be a magnet to attract the people you want in your life?

Start that mission NOW, instead of waiting for when you have the money to begin being a good person.

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