I’ve been spending $2 a day boosting posts on Facebook

How do you think it performed?

Some people might say that $135 to generate just one click was a big waste of money.

Others might note that I reached 14,000 people works out to a $9 CPM– $9 to reach 1,000 people, which is about average on Facebook, boosted post or not.

And still, some will say that the 10,700 interactions work out to just over a penny per engagement– potentially good.

The real answer is that you don’t really know until you can map it all down to the business result– the call, store visit, or sale.

Use diagnostic metrics to troubleshoot why you did or didn’t hit the business metric.

But START with the business metric first, then tree down to secondary diagnostic metrics– not the other way around, like most people do.

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