Talking about “going viral” right now is a tone-deaf move.

Same for exploiting and exacerbating shortages, like that guy who has 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, he was selling at $20 a bottle.

I’m not worried about getting Covid-19– probably a good chance I have it from all my travel.

And if I come down with it, my friend who owns a chain of emergency clinics told me that I’d have flu symptoms for a week or two, worst case.

Time to stay away from crowds, not for your sake, but so that you don’t infect others who are elderly or have compromised immune systems.

With 10 conferences I was going to speak at canceled, the next two months are about ramping up online course creation in our studio.

Want to grow your digital agency, hire virtual teams, teach what you know, publish that book you’ve always wanted, or build your personal brand?

Who wants to go live with me?

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