This is what I use for Zoom calls

For video, you can get fantastic results with a simple Sony 5100 and wide-angle lens, or splurge a bit and get a Sony A7R4 like me.

The key is the wide-angle lens, which gives you that nice creamy blurred background, makes your room look really big, and is reachable from your desk— don’t need to get up to turn it on or off.

The second is audio— use anything but the laptop mic and speakers. Even a cheap powerdewise lav mic or Blue Yeti will be a huge improvement.

But if you want to go next level, get your mic off the table to eliminate that pesky noise when you touch the table. And get your mouth within 12 inches of it so you don’t get an echo.

For lights, one cheap $40 light is all you need. But you can get more lights for your background or for shooting a whiteboard, like me.

The other accessories are not critical. I like to have TVs to let me see guests I’m interviewing, and slides I might be presenting (on the laptop or on a TV behind me). I have a cheap Logitech speaker system (sounds great), and some other doodads.

If you want the full set-up guide, step-by-step, to help you at any budget, with cheap, quality, and pro-level options, comment VIDEO below and I’ll send it to you.

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