Want to know how to spot in 15 seconds whether an analysis is worth reading?

Here’s an actual attempt at analysis that an internal team member submitted on the performance of a client. Look it over for second and see if you can tell what company it’s for.

If you can’t, then it means they’re robotically going through the numbers– reading numbers off a chart, instead of understanding WHY a key business metric went up or down and WHAT we need to do about it.

So here’s the tip– look for rich GCT (goals, content, targeting) in what you or a team member submits. If they don’t intimately understand the heart of your company, then they’re just mindlessly cranking out charts– something a simple computer program could do in converting stats to sentences.

Are you or your team members guilty of this– to pretend to be doing analysis, when you’re just regurgitating numbers from a report? Look for GCT as the telltale sign.

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