John Keiter of Durbano Law Firm

I paid him a retainer up front and you can see what happened here.

He didn’t get around to advising us, but did review some initial documents before deciding he didn’t want to take the case.

We gave him an opportunity to make things right, but he preferred to pocket the money.

So that’s why you see the honest reviews from me and past clients online.

Instead of fixing his mistake, he sent a serious of angry, emotional letters threatening legal action.

I’m not a lawyer, but if I was Durbano Law Firm, I’d just refund the $1,000 instead of desperately trying to hold onto the money while sending these letters. I’d imagine if his time is $400 an hour, he’s burned a few thousand dollars already.

This is John Keiter’s letter to me:

durbano law firm
I would have refunded the retainer and said, “Sorry we didn’t get to work together– best of luck.”

To his defense, he did consider returning the funds.
But he doubted whether we would see this through.

John– this is your proof that we follow through on promises.

If you don’t want people to see what you’ve done, it’s not too late to fix it.
But at this point, I’m not going to write a bunch of 5 star reviews, as you insisted.

That would be unethical, Mr. Keiter.

And we want people to see how Durbano Law Firm in Utah operates.

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