Why “Fake it till you make it” is terrible advice

Adam Urbanski, founder of Marketing Mentors

Be careful who you hire as your coach. This is literally a messenger convo I just had! All I can say is… YIKES!

I wish this was an isolated experience. Sadly, I have such convos quite often.

20- and 30-some-year-olds who haven’t figured out life yet are announcing themselves to be success gurus. Here’s my go-to practice to quickly check them out.

I scroll through their profile banners. Here’s a somewhat typical two or three-year banner history for so many of them:

>> Drunken high-school or college picture.

>> Check out my awesome body stage.

>> Real-estate, bit-coin, “you-name-that-mlm-I-be-a-millionaire-tomorrow” stage.

>> Tropical paradise / re-discovery / “I’m-now-an-enlightened-being” stage.

>> Fitness or life coach stage (I now know everything about how to be successful and can help you get there in 90 days.)

>> Marketing guru! (I have arrived: “submit-to-my-high-ticket-selling-skills” stage!)

Of course, in real life, those banners often tell an even more colorful history. Each one is entertaining and very revealing that the person who’s about to take your money has zero qualifications to actually deliver on their promises.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone has to start somewhere. I totally get that. And learning marketing and selling is a powerful skill that will definitely help you get ahead. But skills don’t replace ethics! Do it the right way.

So here’s my advice if you currently find yourself on a trajectory I just described:


Don’t promise to help someone build a 7-figure business if you haven’t built one yourself and have never actually helped anyone do it.


Identify a winning experience and teach people the skills and lessons you have already mastered.

For example, the person in this convo (who just blocked me because I called them on their shit) could easily teach people how to develop good sales skills.

Maybe even how to land a well-paid, commission-based sales position somewhere. That’s what he’s done… Heck, I could help them turn that into a multi-six and seven-figure business rather quickly – I’ve done this and helped others in a nearly identical position do exactly that.

Then they could teach the “how to build the 7-figure success” stuff themselves. But not yet!


Do something, achieve something first – even if it’s relatively “small” – there are plenty of people who would likely pay you to teach them how to do that “small” thing.

And you’ll likely find success quickly (and ethically) doing that!

That’s my rant and lesson for the up-and-coming gurus.

Do the right thing.

DO THE WORK first!

P.S. My door is always open to people who want to monetize their genius and expertise. Want to package what you know into really amazing offers that actually help people and are based on your real skills?

Let’s talk. I’ll help you make so much money and create so much good impact so fast that your head will spin. And yes – I’ve done this, hundreds of times (actually, I can probably say THOUSANDS of times.)

Full credit to Adam Ubanski, founder of Marketing Mentors.

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