Byron Browne

You might have seen the billboards in Arizona of bearded man in a ripped up suit with photoshop-enhanced tattoos swinging a sledgehammer, but If you’ve ever spoken with Byron Browne, the so called “anti-lawyer”, you might know that his demeanor is as unprofessional as his appearance.

I recently received a summons from his firm on behalf of a desperate and broke client who stayed at my house paying what she could (eventually for free) with her adult daughters and dogs who claims that my dog, a blue heeler bit and bruised her thigh.

While that dog has never bitten anyone and I plan to contest this claim, I called Byron to ask how much the damages sought amounted to since he failed to list it in the filing or issue a demand letter.

His firm must be relatively small since he answered the phone himself, so maybe business is slow over at the Browne Law Group. First he told me that my insurance needs to pay this but when I explained that I am a renter and do not have homeowners insurance, he became really aggressive. 

I asked him if he could contact the homeowners insurance and he responded with “You don’t tell me what to do. I’m a lawyer, and I tell YOU what to do. What do you do for a living?” Followed by “You better find some insurance to get out from under this or I will get a judgement against you directly.” and presumably seize my 1997 car.

I explained that I understand he is doing his job and there is no reason to make things personal to which he childishly retorted “you made this personal, bigmouth motherfucker” I replied “Thank you for your time” and got off the phone. 

I sense a very desperate law firm headed by an idiot bully going for the lowest hanging fruit on a dead tree. If they could get real cases, they probably wouldn’t be pursuing a thousand-dollar dog bite claim from mid 2020, almost two years ago. Maybe if they win this one, they might make five figures this year and Byron can afford to finish coloring in his sleeve.

The dumbest thing about his actions are that I was calling to figure out how to settle the case, saving them time and money, and most importantly: getting his client the money she wants! Of course Byrons pride got in the way. He needs to show everyone how tough and dumb he is, because he is NOT a lawyer.. he is a big strong thug [who loses cases].

I understand that he wants his image to appeal to the uneducated and low income clients but no matter who you are, or how little you can afford you NEED a professional lawyer for your case. Not one who wears wife beaters to meetings and court appointments according to this yelp review by a former client Sarah N. who fired him.

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Think about it this way.. if you needed heart surgery and your surgeon called people named and carried himself this way, wouldn’t you find another doctor?

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It took me quite a while to even figure out where he went to law school. Columbia? No. Georgetown? No..He went to ASU

I’m not the only one who thinks his jokes are funny.

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We asked several other personal injury attorneys about him. “Oh, you mean that guy with all the tattoos? Yeah, he’s a marketing lawyer. Weak in the courtroom, but he attracts clients.”

Here’s what ChatGPT said about him:

Bottom line: the “anti-lawyer” is not really a lawyer and if I were hiring a pretend lawyer, I would sooner hire Saul Goodman, who is a better actor and doesn’t bite.