Dollar-A-Day Strategy is a KILLER on Twitter

I saw this in my Twitter ads this afternoon…$0.007 cost per engagement in the ad below– less than a penny.

40.4% engagement rate– meaning nearly half the people who saw it clicked ‘Like’, commented, or shared. Normally 1% is pretty good for an ad.

When you make one-minute selfie videos with someone well-known and target that person in your ads, your relevancy is sky-high. If you can’t meet them in person, get them on Zoom– perhaps via your podcast. If I made a video with Rich Schefren and targeted Rich Schefren on any network, my CTR and engagement will be off the charts. And then, if I choose lead generation or conversion as my campaign objective, I’m hacking the system to drive low-cost sales.

But if the person I’m co-creating content with doesn’t have much of an audience, there is not enough for the algo to work with.

But, they don’t have to be A-list celebrities. I’ve found that having 20,000 to a million is about the sweet spot– since it usually correlates to a niche but not so big that their audience is too diffuse (which then is better to sell potato chips).

I’ve spent a billion dollars on Dollar-a-Day ads– and it works in every industry, especially service businesses.

The key ingredient is one-minute videos with what we call LIGHTHOUSES— people respected by the clients you’d like to reach. And the best campaign objective to choose is leads, not sales– since it’s only a small step up to collect an email in exchange for some valuable guide or quiz result.

So, are you leveraging one-minute videos and dollar-a-day in your business?

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