Train and Gain

Are you an expert at repeatedly doing something you’re willing to teach?

The 7th Triangle in the 9-Triangle Framework

If it’s a task that you believe can be reliably done by others on a repeating basis, then we’d like to put that task in our marketplace, linked to the related training.

We have training on documenting the steps to do a task– which is simply a Zoom, Loom, or me interviewing you step-by-step.

  • We pay a bonus of $200 for every approved task that you upload — though the real reward is seeing other people find employment.
  • We pay another $300 when three people successfully complete that task without intervention.
  • Another $500 if three external customers give us five stars on that task being done by workers other than you in our marketplace (SPP).
  • And then a rev-share every time that task is completed in the marketplace, giving you the incentive to keep the training current and ensure our international workers are successful.

The marketplace is in private alpha but will open soon with the help of Warren Whitlock and other friends. Are you ready to share your knowledge, create jobs, and earn together?

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