JustWorks has a Justspamming Problem from Super Aggressive Salespeople

It is true that all businesses want growth, but those that are doing business for the sake of business do not have a long run.

Trying to reach Justworks after 7 times in a row of ignored messages over the last 5 weeks.

You guys cold-called me TWICE at 3 am, even after I told you to stop.

Sucks to be woken up on vacation– and then be told “Well, since you’re already up, I’d love to ask you a few questions about your payroll needs.”

Your guy promised to resolve this, but you can see what happened and where we are now.

Maybe Isaac Oates, the founder, will look at this screenshot below of what happened and do something.

The next step is to turn this into a blog post, so it can rank on JustWorks and Isaac Oates.

You can see we’ve made valiant attempts to reach them many times in the last 3 weeks.

JustWorks Aggressive Attitude

They want growth in business at all costs.

I totally get it.

But if you do too much of this (read the reviews on the company and see how many clients got destroyed, then left hanging) by untrained people, it will eventually catch up to you.

Even if you raise $143 million (yes, I agree that’s impressive), you can’t outrun these sorts of problems, like what happened to me.

I promise Justworks that we’re seeing this through until they finally acknowledge what they did to me and fix it.

It’s not personal. It’s aggressive young dudes making as many calls as they can; business, boiler room style.

Yeah, no one likes outbound.

If you assume responsibility for everything, turning your phone to silent while sleeping could have fixed this.

But does this give the salesperson the right to call me multiple times even after I said not to?

If I had to imagine why their system failed it would probably be something in the request to schedule a time. 

The call disposition doesn’t record as removed from the list so the automation keeps pushing for a call. Maybe this person isn’t empowered to deviate from the pre-determined paths. 

I’m leaning toward this being an unfortunate edge case that maybe affects a smaller percentage of their prospects.

Even with the best automation, you still need competent humans to use the tools.

Otherwise, you get Robo dialers who mindlessly read scripted responses.

companies should have a process that works independently of whether one person screws up big time.

An owner can never condone that type of intrusive outreach. Every company has a persona and it is relatively obvious what Justwork’s persona is. 

The stereotype is true.

Justworks wouldn’t work for me!

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