What’s a Money Gun

Harrison Gevirtz’s response: “Thank you for the sweet gift Dennis Yu ???????? Too much fun.

A money gun, also known as a cash cannon or money blaster, is a device that shoots out paper currency or confetti, typically in a party or entertainment setting. For example, they can be used by performers, nightclubs, or other businesses to create a festive atmosphere. They can also be used as promotional tools to draw attention to a business or event.

Additionally, it can be used for quick transactions such as tips, charity, or giving money to friends or family, as I do as part of my Thank You Machine.

Harrison Gevirtz shooting me with the machine gun!

They are designed to hold and dispense large amounts of cash and typically use compressed air or a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot the cash out.

The Pay-Per-Call Software

The pay-per-call industry is growing because it allows businesses to generate leads and increase revenue through targeted advertising. With pay-per-call, businesses only pay for the calls they receive from potential customers rather than for ad views or clicks that may not result in a sale.

This gives businesses a better ROI and more control over their advertising budget.

Pay-per-call can be more effective for certain businesses, such as local, legal, medical, or financial services. It also allows for a more direct and personal engagement with potential customers, as it’s a call, not just a click.

The industry is expected to grow as technology evolves, making it easier for businesses to track and analyze their pay-per-call campaigns.

Ringba, owned by Harrison Gevirtz, has developed pay-per-call software. Similar to Callrail, but performance oriented and with enterprise features for companies with sophisticated lead gen teams. 

They are the #2 player in the industry. 

The Ringba Software

Ringba specializes in pay-per-call marketing. It was founded in 2013 and is based in San Diego, California. The company provides a platform for businesses to manage and optimize their pay-per-call campaigns.

The platform includes call tracking, number optimization, advanced routing, reporting, and analytics.

Ringba’s clients include businesses in various industries, such as legal, medical, and financial services.

The company aims to provide a comprehensive solution for the pay-per-call industry and to help businesses optimize their campaigns for better results. The company serves many clients, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Ringba’s platform can be integrated with other marketing platforms to deliver a seamless experience to its clients.


The pay-per-call industry is growing, and the Ringba software is like providing a money gun for its users. Harrison is, in fact, making it rain with his pay-per-call software, Ringba.

Ringba provides a comprehensive solution for the pay-per-call industry, including call tracking, number optimization, advanced routing, and reporting and analytics. As a result, it helps businesses optimize their campaigns for better results.