I hung out with him in Boston the other day and he blew my mind…

I can get the email addresses of 15-20% of your website visitors.

Then send them a personalized email generated by GPT4.

It’s basically web remarketing using email.

And super easy to implement, since you just install a pixel.

It’s totally compliant (CAN-SPAM or AI creepy).

And has been working super well for top B2C brands.

If you have at least 200 visitors a month, then this is worth testing.

You’re losing 15-20% of your sales if you don’t have this.

The first 50 leads are free and we score your website instantly.

What used to cost us $60 a click via PPC is now less than a dollar.

You can thank me later– don’t miss this.

Go to https://customers.ai/?a_aid=dennis