How Digital Agencies Can Get Qualified Leads Via Cold Outreach

So, I want to quickly run through a cold outreach strategy that you can use to target companies and get more qualified leads for your agency. This is something that we’ve used before and have seen great results with for our agency clients. For example, we’ve helped AirCool Marketing, which is a home improvement marketing agency, actually get more sales calls through this strategy. Basically, how it works is we have a system set up where we find and target our prospects on Facebook.  For example, on Facebook, let’s type in “plumbing companies” and “plumbing” and let’s just say we’re going to be targeting New Jersey and, let’s just say, Princeton. Essentially, we have this whole list of plumbing companies. Not many people are using Facebook DM or Messenger as an outreach mechanism for these companies. It’s so good to reach out to these people and schedule a phone call to see if they would be interested in some service. We do this through Facebook Messenger. So there are two options that we can do. One is to run it through automation, where we have automated messages being sent to these companies that we scrape, and we can send up to tens of thousands of companies every single day from accounts.  We have this whole system for it, or we also use virtual assistants that help us reliably send thousands of messages every single day.  These are just some outreach messages, and they literally start out by saying, “Hey, are you taking on some more clients?”  Sending such a simple message is better than 99% of other cold outreach messages like the one below. We use multiple different accounts that we make, and yeah, we’re able to refine by city. So let’s just say Princeton, New Jersey, just as a quick example. This is specifically for groups, and then we would be able to refine them. I’ll give you another example: heating repair.  These are all companies that are able to be reached out to. Obviously, you may need to send a lot more volume than, for example, cold-calling people, but it is much more scalable and much more effective.  It’s something that can be done in the background, and you don’t have to, especially if you’re taking this on as a service. You don’t have to do that much work.  That’s just a strategy that I wanted to show you. Are you looking forward to launching an effective cold email campaign?  Get my cold email campaign guide now and steal all the secrets we have used to get qualified leads for digital agencies.

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