Google and AmazingMail are both giving out FREE business cards

No, this is not a scam, Google is giving out free business cards to the first 10,000 folks that sign up to promote their new profiles product, but make sure you first have a Google profile that is set to Public. Better hurry before the offer is over. Cards will arrive in the next 10 to 12 business days. They only ship you 25 cards, but who’s going to complain over something free? The deal is done through, so you have to make a quick account or log in with your existing account.

Now if you’re looking for a better offer than this, consider that AmazingMail will give you 10 free personalized postcards— totally free. They even cover the shipping, no need for a credit card. They do this to bring in businesses like auto dealerships, cosmetic surgeons, and other folks who use direct mail or want to try it out. You have nothing to lose– their hope is that you like the samples so much that you will sign up and actually buy some cards later.

Oh, and the other thing about AmazingMail is that they ship the very next day and can print in quantities as low as one. Nobody else can do this because AmazingMail owns all the patents related to this on digital gang-run printing. Don’t have to wait 2 weeks for the cards to arrive.

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