Creating the Perfect Storm- A guest post by Leigh Hanney

This is a guest post by Leigh Hanney, Head of Marketing at and Blogger at
I talk to a lot of people about online marketing, some are super experienced and others are really only just starting out. But so often I hear the same story from both ends of the experience spectrum… and I can’t help but feel that too many people in the online marketing space have their blinkers on.
Rather than assessing many opportunities at once, they choose one channel and are running full steam ahead, without even a glance to the side…
A perfect example of this is someone who devotes their entire marketing budget and man-hours to PPC ‘because the ROI is so good’. Awesome, but there is something missing here.
PPC is great, and when it makes you money consistently all the more power to you. But as a channel, PPC is something you have to invest in time and time again to ensure that the same return continues. Don’t get me wrong, I love PPC and will continue to love PPC, but to be truly successful in marketing online you have to broaden your horizons. You need to create the Perfect Storm.
There are so many other channels out there that can work fantastically well, but if you’re not trying them out, then you are missing out on capturing a larger potential audience. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email marketing, article marketing, SEO… this list goes on!
I like to think of executing a truly awesome online marketing strategy in terms of creating the perfect storm. Sure you can be super successful by managing an awesome PPC presence and delivering a return on your spending every month, but imagine if you were also able to harness the power of Twitter followers, the social interactions of Facebook, and the viral elements of Youtube…  Just imagine the potential.
Internet marketing is not just about kicking goals with one channel, it’s about connecting with your audience via as many channels as possible. This then creates the perfect storm. And sitting right there in the middle where all these storms interconnect is you, reaping the rewards.

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