New social media and digital agencies spend 90% of their time trying to get new clients…

While those of us who have hit traction spend 90% of our time servicing clients.

The “aha” moment for agency owners is when they realize that mainly focusing on client acquisition is like pouring water into a sieve.

Better to focus on keeping your clients, so they continue to pay you– then grow with you (paying more). And then referring their friends.

If you don’t have any clients yet– and suffer from not having a client base, solid reputation, money to pay for marketing, or team to do the work– then partner with a larger player who will give you their small leads or sub work to you.

But either way, you shouldn’t be focusing most of your time prospecting for new clients.

You’re not paid for that 90%.

And that’s why new agencies go under since that 10% slice of their time must cover their operations.

Get 90% of your time on stuff that makes you money– from clients who trust you and are already willing to pay you.

Closing deals is actually easy– doing the campaigns is harder and where you make the money.

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