All these talk about earning 6 FIGURES per month.

Well, how would you like to earn 3 FIGURES per month, just like me?

Yes, that’s right– you can make a 3 FIGURE income and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.

– Take pictures of yourself in front of vehicles that aren’t yours.
– Incessantly talk about your lifestyle and your success, while posing in front of things that aren’t yours.
– Never show struggle, weakness, or challenges– since then you’d be a human.
– Boast deals that haven’t closed or clients that aren’t yours.
– Declare that you’re an influencer, hanging out with other influencers.
– Talk vaguely about changing the world, but never take concrete action in helping others.
– Sell a course on how to get rich using social media.

You may know a lot of these people.

But when you talk to billionaires and people who are successful in other areas, you learn that they:
– Take a long-term approach, which means they suffered for 10+ years before they ever turned the camera on.
– Have been helping others from the start– not waiting until that magic day to become a good person later.
– Boast about the success of their teammates, not themselves.
– They let their teammates, clients, and partners do the talking.
– Share real lessons from their own failures, since that’s the best teacher.
– Are more interested in building their team than their lifestyle.

If you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, what is this saying about you?

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