Be your own videographer

If you don’t have a friend who can follow you around to take video, here’s your solution to capturing b-roll footage for your personal and company brand.


Yes, that’s right. You have to be capturing these bits that give your videos context, for your video editing person to use in addition to whatever you might get from your live show, speaking engagement, or interview.

I use the Facebook Moments app to automatically categorize and share these with our video people.

So no need to mess around with uploading and labeling. Facebook automatically recognizes faces and locations.

You have to get scrappy when you don’t have a professional film crew and a big budget.

That means you have to learn a little bit about good shooting techniques, even if you’re an amateur like me who doesn’t have much time and is intimidated by fancy equipment.

I do this all with an old iPhone, and so can you.

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