Details matter.

It’s the difference between a perfect drive down the fairway and a kerplunk into the water.

Or a beautiful European vacation you arranged, but you when you showed up at the airport for what you thought was your flight, you found out that booked the wrong date.

Or an ad campaign where you bid $5 per click instead of 5 cents.

I’ve made all these mistakes and more.

And if you are great at sales, but suck at details, you need a right-hand man or woman who is on their game.

Like my co-founder, Logan Young, who manages complex projects and people.

If you are great tactically but suck at selling, then complement your strength with someone like MARK A. LACK who can outsell nearly anyone.

Don’t try to be everything, lest you try to be the accountant who wants to be an artist or the NBA center who wants to shoot 3-pointers.

Find others to balance your strengths.

In every great company, you’ll find a tight process for execution that’s run by people who pay attention to details.

Are you a details person or a vision person? Do you thrive on many relationships or prefer time alone?

Most people are one or the other, but not both.

You can stretch like a rubber band at times to temporarily be someone else, but too long, and you’ll snap.

Who is your Logan?

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