Facebook faces the most difficult challenge in our modern digital era

It’s a seemingly impossible task to police the entire world at scale.

Here’s the best understanding of the situation that I’ve ever come across.

Not only is it fascinating, but from a business standpoint, will cause you to think about how the platform works for good and for bad.

Who would have thought that one solution for preventing revenge porn is to get people to preemptively upload their nude pics so Facebook can block them? Do you trust Facebook that much?

Why is this mainly Facebook’s problem, instead of the internet as a whole, even with one man keeping 60% voting control of the company?

Even if AI + granular community rules can catch 99.9% of hate speech, all it takes is just one or two live suicides or a photo of Kim Jong Un with anus eyes + beads to create a disaster.

Do you have empathy for a company that is worth nearly a trillion dollars?

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