Every day I feel like I’m just starting out.

Because every time I learn one thing, three more things I don’t know pop up.

And soon I have 45 tabs open!
Is your life like that, too?

Now imagine 23 years of trying to “master” digital marketing— the vast accumulated ignorance I have.

The Dunning-Kruger effect (look it up), stunningly explains how amateurs believe they are experts, yet why the true experts are so humble.

Next time you hear someone beat their chest, consider not the confidence of their opinion, but their demonstrated track record.

And if you feel that you’re not Good Enough (go see that play), it may be Imposter Syndrome hurting you.

Some of my friends have built $100 million companies.

But if you ask them what they do, they might say, “Oh, I run online ads “.

Or “I manufacture equipment for cosmetic surgeons.”

This is how to balance humility and overconfidence.

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