I forgot my laptop, passport, credit cards, and valuables in the conference room.

This really happened to me, last year.

I realized this as my friend, Kenton, was driving me to the airport for a flight that was leaving in 15 minutes from Las Vegas yesterday.

How would I get through security with nothing but a phone to catch a flight a few minutes later?

I had CLEAR and pre-check, so I was able to walk through security with just a finger scan and my mobile boarding pass, then made a dash to the gate.

And today I had a webinar with 300 people watching live.

Instead of freaking out or canceling, I just whipped out my iPhone and did a selfie video for an hour.

Yes, my arm was sore at the end, so I switched arms a few times!

What is the lesson here?

1) When you are under stress, don’t think about the enormity of all the things that you need to do or what could go wrong.

Instead, focus on just the next thing in front of you. Get that done.

2) Often, you don’t have everything you think you need, and you may feel unprepared. But give it an optimistic shot and you might do even better than you would have if “prepared”.

Because I didn’t have my laptop, I was able to draw on the board while narrating, for a more interesting, moving conversation. Check out the feedback!

3) When you are nice to people, they will go out of your way to help you. When I landed last night, I took an Uber to the hotel and the front desk lady at the Hampton Inn still checked me in. I have only my phone- no ID or credit card.

She gave me some food, too!

And I’m writing this post from my phone— the iPhone 10X Max, which is incredible. I’m doing emails, responding to people via 10-second videos, and otherwise as productive as usual.

Tomorrow, I will grab an Uber to the airport to fly home, still have no credit card or ID, or cash. And I’ll have a meal at the Admirals’ Club, which also doesn’t cost money or require my ID to get in just my AAdvantage number.

4) Don’t be absent-minded and follow your normal travel routine to operate subconsciously. I neglected this one since I’ve been upside down from being in so many places the last 5 days- Sydney, LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas, and Milwaukee.

Would you get freaked out in a situation like this?
And what’s your advice?

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