I made more money as a solo consultant than I do now.

At $200 an hour with no overhead or other people to pay, clearing $200,000 a year was easy.

I had to work only 20 hours a week, but usually, I worked a lot more since I had toys to buy and appearances to keep up.

Forget the talk about getting to 6 figures, 7 figures, or how many figures.

Your take-home (net income) matters more than your gross revenue.

But I measure impact not by how much money is flowing into my personal bank account, but by the number of lives I can impact.

Impacting 100,000 lives is the type of six figures I’m taking about.

Here are pictures from my most recent trip with partners who share the same belief.

Are you going for the money or for the impact?

Either way, your gross income doesn’t matter— it’s what’s left over in terms of profit and impact.

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