If you give me a gold medal first, then I’ll be motivated to start training for the Olympics.

Laugh if you want, but this is a common attitude for the lazy employee mindset.

I’m being paid only a fraction of what I’m worth, so I’m justified to pay only partial attention and do half-quality work.

Ever been with a half-quality girlfriend or gotten surgery from a half-quality heart surgeon?

Earn it the old-fashioned way, so you’re invited up to a place of prominence.

Instead of sitting on the throne and then being disgracefully told you have to move.

Better to start from a position of humility and have others lavish respect on you, which you’ve earned.

Don’t wait for others to praise you to get going or wait for guarantees, even if it’s “unfair” that somebody else appears to be paid more for working less.

Take action now!

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