More important than making money is making meaning.

Are you around people who talk only about six figures, seven figures, and all that?

It can be alluring and flashy, especially if you don’t have it yet. But I can guarantee you their lives are hollow since their self-worth depends upon your validation.

The peacocks are attractive but ultimately are parasites trying to use you.

Be like Piotr Podbielski, who focuses on giving, instead of only taking. He’s successful AND he feels good inside from the lives he’s impacting via his mentorship programs.

I’ve had kids steal from me— a co-founder steal a brand new Silverado and two jet skis, or an employee drive off with a BMW 328i in the middle of the night— yet claim they’re here to “give back”.

Thankfully, there are more Piotrs in the world, multiplying their impact on hundreds of people— so the math still works out.

And that’s why I keep on doing what I’m doing.

Are you around the people who talk only about their success all day and want YOUR money?

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