When your team member FAILS, guess whose fault it is?

If they failed for not having enough skills, YOU should have trained them better.

If they just don’t seem to get it, YOU should have put them in the right role.

If they’re not motivated, YOU should have aligned with their goals and actively helped them get there.

If they don’t treat your customers well, YOU should be treating them better to set the example.

If they stole from you, YOU should have a stronger qualifying process.

I had a co-founder rip me off blind, rationalized away— and I know it’s my fault for letting it get that far.

Real leaders know that 99% of the time, it’s a problem with management, not your team member.

The rookie manager blames his people, while the pro manager knows that their job is to take care of their people and help them succeed!

Instead of being a policeman, be a coach, mentor, and cheerleader.

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