300,000 likes in just 3 hours

Dylan Collins‘ post got 300,000 likes on TikTok in the first 3 hours.

See https://www.tiktok.com/@nathantri…/video/6793877980411219205

Key takeaways:

It was on only 800,000 views, meaning that his 28% engagement rate is key to feeding the TikTok algo, which is more sensitive to engagement rates than any other social network.

Nathan Triska posted it (a larger account with 7 million followers), so getting others to talk about you is key.

This video is a reprisal of the original of 5 years ago, which got 30 million views. A “greatest hit” can continue to yield 100 times the original traffic if you “amplify” properly via influencers and go across multiple channels.

The ROI here is soft, even if you project that this remake will gain another 20 million views this week across TikTok, Twitter, IG, and other channels.

Sponsorships, private clients, and light ad revenue are the game here– not direct selling of products and services.

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