Between any two points, you can draw a line.

Selectively, you can rationalize any conclusion, by ignoring the dots you don’t want to see.

That’s why your own self-belief and bias have massive hidden power in the outcome of any situation.

Usually creating patterns that repeat— which you may find frustrating or may love.

Face that bias head-on, as ugly and painful as it may be, to accept the dots that would lead you to a different conclusion.

Separate emotion and logic, recognizing that both are important in your decision-making.

Decisions made under stress, especially when HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) are ones you will regret later.

So delay making decisions when HALT, so low power, and negative bias don’t create overreaction, unwarranted pessimism, or harm to good things you have.

Unnecessary sabotage is from limiting self-beliefs, especially weaknesses you ascribe yourself.

Seek the counsel of credible friends who have your interests at heart to weed out these hidden biases, practice radical transparency with you (tough love), and unlock the goodness inside you.

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